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Other Environmental Products
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Weida Solar Food Composter provides a natural way of disposing food wastes. It decomposed food wastes naturally without any mechanical device or chemical additives.

It is an eco-friendly system that:
  • Reduces household waste by 20% or more
  • Is an eco-friendly alternative to garbage disposals
  • Dispose of food waste quickly and safely
  • Keep garbage bins odor-free and clean
The WEIDA Solar Food Composter offers the following features and advantages:
  • Economical
    The product is simple, user-friendly, economical and effective. Its modular, lightweight and compact design provides for easy handling and transportation.

  • Environmental Friendly
    Provide an environmental friendly way to decomposed food wastes. Less waste is sent to the public landfills, incinerators or sewerage and garbage treatment plants.

  • Versatile
    It is suitable for all kinds of food wastes from households and food outlets. The green coloured exterior is pleasant and blends aesthetically to any garden.

  • Easy Installation
    Assembly is simple and fast. Only need to place the composter in direct sunlight and soil ground.

  • Easy Maintenance
    No moving mechanical parts or electrical components for this system. The composter can be disassembled easily for easy access and cleaning.

  • Durable and Tough
    All components are manufactured using engineering grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). No protective coatings or painting is required as it is completely corrosion free with excellent strength and durability.