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International Technology Transfer & Partnership
WEIDA can be your overseas technology partner.

For the past 18 years, WEIDA's principal business is the manufacture and sales of PE products and systems like pipes, tanks and containers for water and sewerage applications. With its vast experience in both manufacturing and engineering system design, WEIDA can offer technology transfer, licensing and joint venture packages to interested parties around the globe.
The two main categories of technology packages that WEIDA offers include:

  • HDPE Pipe Extrusion Technology
  • PE Storage Tank Technology

Key Product Features and Advantages

In each tailored package to the customer, the scope of WEIDA's transfer of technology can include, but not limited to:

  • Supply, installation and commissioning of the manufacturing machinery to produce the PE/HDPE products.
  • Establishing manufacturing management systems and quality control systems to produce the PE/HDPE products.
  • Technology transfer of WEIDA'S proprietary technical know-how to manufacture products and design system.
  • Training of personnel on manufacturing, quality control and system design.
  • Providing technical support and marketing assistance.

WEIDA as Your Technology Partner

WEIDA has the distinct advantages of being the ideal technology partner in the manufacture of PE products for the water and sewerage business. The five strong reasons are:

  • WEIDA brings along with it, years of manufacturing experience, expertise and proven track record in the field of PE products and water and sewerage business in Malaysia. WEIDA's product brand name like POLYSTOR, POLYSEPT and WEIDALINE are well known in Malaysia and has very strong links in the industry internationally.

  • WEIDA's package solution is a total solutions package. Unlike machinery suppliers, WEIDA does not only deliver the hardware of the business in the form of machinery and equipment, but embodies the "software" of the business as well. This comes in the form of proprietary product and manufacturing know-how and consultancy services in manufacturing setup, quality control, engineering, sales and marketing.

  • WEIDA's technology packages do not limit the customer/partner to only manufacture the above listed range of products. It offers the flexibility to expand in future to other types of products using the same manufacturing processes which it has acquired, without having to further invest in new machineries.

  • The technology transfer packages would bring instant value to the customer/partner as it would not have to undergo the costly and painful learning curve to establish itself in the market. The customer/partner's savings in developing such expertise in terms of resources, lead time and costs are significantly reduced.

  • With WEIDA heavily focused on R & D and product development, the customer/partner will gain from being constantly exposed to new technologies and products and be able to constantly innovate.

Technology Packages

i. HDPE Pipe Extrusion Technology

WEIDA has been a HDPE pipe manufacturer for more than 10 years. WEIDA has over the years, acquired the technologies to manufacture the following pipes for water, sewerage and drainage applications.

  • Solid wall HDPE pipes
  • Corrugated HDPE pipes
  • Spiral-wound HDPE pipes
WEIDA is currently one of the leading HDPE pipe manufacturers in this region with three manufacturing plants and complete testing facilities. WEIDA's personnel are very experienced in plant setup, operations and product requirements/standards. WEIDA's team of engineers is very well-versed with the field applications of the HDPE pipes in engineering systems (e.g. water reticulation, sewerage networks, pipeline design etc).

A complete technology package can include HDPE welding technologies and equipments as well for pipe jointing and the fabrication of HDPE fittings.

ii. PE Storage Tank Technology

WEIDA is the region's producer of the largest polyethylene tanks. These include both aboveground and underground PE tanks.

Aboveground PE Storage Tanks

WEIDA produces aboveground water storage tanks in a singlepiece molding up to 60,000 litres using its proprietary rotomolding technology. The tank is This technology has been WEIDA's key technological expertise providing WEIDA with the clear edge over smaller tank rotomolders who can only produce tanks of limited capacities.

WEIDA has the technology and capability to:

  • Design and manufacture its own molding machinery and moulds.
  • Formulate and produce its own polyethylene with compound better mechanical strength and weathering properties.
  • Manufacture large PE storage tanks with stratified wall thickness to optimise weight distribution for cost and design efficiency.

Underground PE Storage Tanks

Single units of tanks are produced in modular form and joined together to make underground tanks of capacities up to 100,000 litres for sewage and rainwater storage/treatment purposes. The complex manufacturing technology to produce these tanks uniquely combines the rotomolding process, HDPE welding technologies and pipe extrusion process.

WEIDA's team of engineers is very well-versed with the field applications of underground PE tanks in the engineering systems design for water treatment and sewerage treatment plants.

Kindly post your interests to us at corporate.affairs@weida.com.my