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Stormwater Management

Roof Drainage - Syfon

Syfon Systems roof drainage is very simple in its operation, without the use of any mechanical parts. The unique square designed Syfon Systems gutter inlets prevents vortex (or whirling) action, allowing the pipeworks to run full of water without air in the systems. The main pipes need no gradients and are run flat within ceiling areas, allowing complete flexibility for location of the discharge of the roof main pipes to the underground drainage system.

Source: Syfon Systems


Downstream Defender

In an urban area, when there is a large volume of rainfall, pollutants such as rubbish, oils, grit and silt will be washed into storm drains and carried downstream. If these pollutants are not properly captured, eventually it will end up in the nearest watercourses, such as rivers, streams and lakes. Some efforts are carried out to capture large rubbish within the waterways itself, such as installation of a boom across a river, however these are largely ineffective and costly. There are other gross pollutant traps (GPTs) available in the market that captures large pollutants during first storm however when a second storm hits the pollutants capture will be washed out; which defeats the purpose of a pollutant ­trap.

In order to address the issue polluted waterways and drainage system, Weida’s proprietary advanced vortex separator system, Downstream Defender® effectively intercepts, separates and prevents re-entrainment of oils, floatables, grit and silt. The device is installed offline and is easily maintained and cleaned.



Rapid urbanization increases the impermeable surface area of a catchment, which will cause large volume of water to be conveyed from upper catchment to lower catchment. If unregulated, the increase of surface runoff will cause flooding at lower catchment areas.

Hydrobrake is a stormwater flow control device that utilizes vortex action to slow down and control the surface runoff at source. In comparison to conventional conveyance method, source control is more cost-effective and easier to manage. Stormwater source control is also highlighted in Malaysia’s Manual Saliran Mesra Alam (MSMA) for urban drainage.


Integrated Solutions

River Cleaning - Weida’s river cleaning system incorporates interception of foul water discharges from residential and commercial establishments, control of stormwater utilizing vortex flow control device and treatment prior to release back into the river.

Flood Mitigation & On-Site Detention – Flooding occurs due to uncontrolled volume of water that is conveyed from upstream catchment. Weida’s proprietary vortex flow control device together with Underground Water Storage System provides storage space for runoff generate while giving better control of water discharge into the drainage system once storm subsides.