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Wastewater Infrastructure

With a track record of over 20 years in the waste water sector, WEIDA offers a full spectrum of experience and expertise in centralized and decentralized wastewater treatment solutions from planning, process selection, process design, process optimization, construction, completion, testing and commissioning.

Sewage Treatment Plants

For centralised systems, WEIDA designs and builds sustainable large capacity municipal sewage treatment plants using state-of-the-art technology which incorporates biogas power generation from anaerobic digestions of sludge and membrane technology for the recycle and reuse of treated effluent for industrial usage. The integration of power generation from biogas and effluent reuse in wastewater treatment plant is WEIDA's ongoing effort to preserve precious water resources and reduce dependency on fossil fuel to power the plant.


WEIDA's POLYPASS systems are proprietary prefabricated modular sewage treatment plants suitable for decentralized treatment systems employing the extended aeration activated sludge treatment process. POLYPASS systems are fast to install, durable and reliable; suitable for small housing estate, schools and government buildings.

WEIDA is also the biggest septic tank manufacturer in Malaysia. Under the brand name of Polysept, Weida has produced premium grade polyethylene one piece molded, patented septic tanks, installed to no less than 250,000 homes, serving over a million populations.

Management and Operation of Treatment Plants


From "Design and Build", WEIDA expertise in Waste Water management covers the whole range of services to include management, operation and maintenance of treatment plants both locally and overseas.