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Water Infrastructure

WEIDA provides a range of water treatment and supply solutions to both urban and rural sectors. Besides conventional technologies, WEIDA is a specialist in state of the art membrane filtration water treatment systems. These modern, high-tech treatment systems and plants produce high quality water with superior levels of reliability and consistency.

Water Treatment Solutions


Globally, water scarcity poses the greatest challenge to mankind. Millions worldwide suffer from drinking contaminated water.

Weida provides sustainable water treatment solutions to our clients.

We offer a portfolio of water treatment solutions to municipality and rural populations, embracing cutting edge technology, whilst applying environmentally friendly best practices.

Weida has a dedicated team of water and environmental specialists to provide our clients with individualized solutions designed to meet their needs and the availability of water source and environmental concerns, be it your conventional chemical based treatment to membrane treatment (micro and ultra filtration).

Our services include investigation, design, construction and management of water supply systems. With our technical and financial strength, WEIDA is able to add value by offering conventional contracts, design and build, operations and transfer of contracts.

Water Storage Systems


WEIDA provides clients with the most appropriate liquid storage system with a complete range of polyethylene tanks and LIPP steel tanks.

WEIDA has the engineering expertise and experience to design, manufacture, install and construct water storage systems of any capacity.

Manufactured from engineering grade polyethylene, featuring advanced leakproof one-piece seamless construction, WEIDA's POLYSTOR water and specialized tanks are available in a wide range of sizes and capacities. WEIDA also offers storage systems comprising of customized large-capacity metal tanks based on the LIPP Systems.